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Cats Cradle Rescue

About Us-

Cats Cradle Rescue (CCR) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated
to rescuing and finding loving homes for unwanted and abandoned
cats and kittens. All monies collected by CCR are applied to the feeding,
medical care and neutering of current and future cats & kittens in our
program. All of the animals being adopted today are rescued animals.
Many are abandoned and their history is unknown. We have taken care
of their immediate needs and believe them to be healthy and capable of
becoming integral parts of a new, loving family.
All animals taken into CCR are fostered in volunteer homes where they
are loved and nurtured. Very young kittens without a mother are bottle fed
by specific volunteers trained in their care. When they become affectionate,
loving and self-sufficient, they are placed up for adoption.

Company Overview:

We are here to educate the public and increase interest in the welfare
of homeless, stray, and abandoned cats. Our volunteers spend countless
hours selflessly rescuing, loving, and caring for these beautiful creatures.

Our volunteers also provide care to stray and feral cats. We follow the
simple steps of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to improve the quality of life
for cats by successfully trapping, sterilizing, vaccinating, and returning
feral cats to monitored colonies.  We will gladly lend you traps and show
you how to use them.  We do not/can not trap for you.  Animals are eval-
uated and those deemed adoptable, enter our foster program when we
have room, to be placed in forever homes. If we do not have room, we
release them back where they were trapped.  This helps by reducing the
number of homeless cats. 

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P.O. Box 5774 •  Oxnard, CA 93031  •  (805) 485-8811 •  adoptions [ at ]